Traveler’s Prayer

This is addressed to the gods, large and small, of travel.

The gods of travel live in airplane engines, in baggage claim, in street food, in paths through tropical rainforests, in lumpy hostel beds, in dirt and wonder and curiosity, and even sometimes in tourist traps.

Oh Splendiferous Idols of Travel, I Implore You Now:

May my sense of wonder stay strong through all the ups and downs of travel.

May the various unpleasant microorganisms of the world find me an inhospitable host

May the character-building disasters be kept to a minimum, please. I feel that I have plenty of character.

May I look good in my pictures, but not good enough to attract attention in the streets

To be continued

2 responses to “Traveler’s Prayer

  1. I love the prayer it makes me want to start traveling myself


  2. I thought that I created the word splendiferous, but now I learn I’m wrong. However, howzabout we spice it up some: splendiferiffic? O K, now I feel better.


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