Food, Part 3


Rice cakes and sweet pork dipping sauce –  I couldn’t find an exact analogue, but it was probably like this recipe, although with more sauce. It  was very sweet. The rice cakes were thin wafers, also a little sweetened. On the whole Thai food was very sugary; this dish was not exception.

Have we talked about milk green tea yet? Thai iced tea is black tea, spices and condensed milk, which has a lot of sugar in it.  A healthier version is green tea with coconut milk – incredibly creamy and filling yet still healthy. I’ll be making plenty of that when I get home.

At a Couchsurfers event, the host created a curry dish with blue rice. Blue rice is also used in a Malaysian dish called nasi kerabu, but in that case the rice is topped with bean sprouts, fried coconut and a spicy sauce. So far I haven’t been able to try nasi kerabu.

The rice is dyed by being boiled with dried butterfly pea blossom

Khao Soi is a yellow curry dish from northern Thailand. I think a low-carb version with red bell pepper, zucchini and roasted peanuts for the crunchy factor would also be delicious.


Nasi Lamak: fried chicken, rice, fried egg, toasted peanuts and sambal, a spicy chili relish.

Rassam herbal soup is a tart “green-tasting” soup (with a good pinch of chili) that, I think, is eaten at the end of the meal to help with digestion. I liked it, although I would probably make it a little less tart (less tamarind would probably do that).

Tomato Achar is an Indian condiment. very sour and potent. A tiny bit (say,  the size of the head of Q-tip) was enough to dramatically alter the taste of dal or whatever it was added to.

Kaya toast is toast with coconut custard.

Malaysian carrot cake uses neither carrots nor cake. Instead, it uses fried Chinese radish, rice powder, chili and lots of green onions and bean sprouts for crunchiness.

And that’s it for the Asian part of my journey!

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