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Fun Is Over

I was done having fun. Fun time was over.

Let me explain. We’d booked a full-day trip out of Chiang Mai. It began at 8 in the morning, when the van picked us up from the hotel.

We first went to see some elephants.

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Food, Part 2


I was initially underwhelmed by Nepali food, which pretty much consists of two foods: momos and dal bhat. Momos are steamed dumplings stuffed with vegetables, pork, chicken or buffalo. I later found out that momos are actually appropriated from Tibetan cuisine.

A very blurry photo of a Nepali dal bhat thali

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A Letter from the President of the Thailand Mosquitoes

If you can find the entrance, which is denoted by a small sign hidden amongst lots of shrubbery, you can pay 100 baht to enter the Museum of Insects and Natural Wonders in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Here you can find a multitude of wonders. For example, the round hanging objects in the picture below are massive bee hives. Other wonders include termite mounds (empty), butterflies, geodes, vulture eggs and preserved specimens of all Thailand’s 459 varieties of mosquito.

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Phuket: Island Paradise (with Beach Massages!)

Phuket is an island in the south of Thailand that is famous  as a having some of the world’s best beaches.

We got to Phuket Town in the afternoon, too late to go to the beach because the songthaews stop running at 3 or 4. We went for late lunch, and the town was as dead as a ghost town. It was hot, and dry, and everything seemed dirty in the afternoon light. That evening, we decided to try again. After all, Phuket Town is a backpacker’s paradise, it should be easy to find something to do. The town was clearly geared towards handling massive amounts of tourists; there were hostels and restaurants all over the place. And while it was more lively at night, with more people out and about and music playing somewhere,  it was as though the party was always just out of reach, always just a few blocks away. We never did find the party, but we found some nice bars, including this one that was decorated in vintage electronics and wouldn’t have been out of place in Austin:

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